Ashleigh & David | Wedding Photography | May 26, 2018

Ashleigh and David were such a fun and amazing couple to work with! When we met the first time, we sat and talked for hours! I felt I made two new great friends!

Their wedding was one of the most perfect weddings! The day called for rain, so of course I stocked up on clear umbrellas. It didn’t rain at all! It was gorgeous and sunny! During the ceremony a bucket of flower petals fell over right as they had their first kiss. It was so epic. Then we went to take some beautiful sunset photos and a train came by right at perfect timing. Never has a wedding just worked out so accidentally perfect!

They got married in downtown Holly at the Holly Vault. One of my favorite wedding venues. They do such an amazing job and David and Ashleighs wedding looked amazing!

Shout out to the lovely Morgan of Morgan Diane Photography on helping me with this wedding!