New Year, New Look

Happy New Year everyone! There is a lot in store for Karsen Photography this year. First, we have switched over to USB's instead of CD's! I am very excited about the switch and believe it will be for the best. There is new packaging to go with the USB's, which is just the start of my rebranding process. 

The USBs are from Nations Photo Lab. I did not have to buy in bulk. I am able to just buy one at a time when I book a session. Which is what works best for my business. 

I got the burlap pouch at Michaels! Its the perfect size and matches my style to hold the USB. and of course my signature camera stamp had to spice it up

In each package a client receives it will include: a "Care for your USB" card, a print release, and a thank you card!

Then I seal the box with a sticker with my logo on it! This way the client knows the package is from me!  I bought these stickers at Pro DPI.