I had the pleasure of taking Isabels senior photos. Isabel is one my closest friends little sister, so we had so much fun! It just felt like a few friends out hanging and having a good time. I love that she was just being silly in a few photos.  At the end of the session we got really creative and I got to try things and poses I have always wanted. They turned out amazing! I am so happy with them. I am glad to give Isabel photos that express who she is and yet they will be different than everyone else. 

I edited these photos differently than I usually do. More in a vintage tone. Every photographer has "their" style and edit their photos the same way to keep things consistent. That is why people hire photographers. They like their style. Well, I feel that your style also has to go with your client. I have some clients that want the clean "magazine" look which I usually do. But with Isabels session i felt that she fit a more vintage edit. She looks amazing and perfect in each photo; this was her style.