I cannot believe its time for the graduating class of 2015! It still feels like I just graduated high school myself. I had the opportunity last weekend to take photos of this lovely lady! We had a lot of fun at her session and was able to fit so much into it!

We started out in an apple orchard which was so gorgeous! It was fun getting creative with lighting in the orchard. Then we took some photos in the town of Fenton. We went on top of the Fire Hall restaurant. It was the perfect time of golden light. The photos looked so urban and different than what I have done before.

We did get told not to take photos and ended up having to leave. I usually call and get permission before I use a location, but I didn't think of it this time. Lesson learned, well kinda, call before! But we risked it and ended up being able to do a whole session up on the roof before they told me not too. So, not sure which lesson I learned! haha 

I cannot wait to have even more stories and creative shots of the class of 2015!